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A List of Static Site Generators for Jamstack Sites

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Main features are:

  • component driven development;
  • not a SPA (single page application);
  • no extra configuration required, works out of box;
  • js and css per page, no global files for entire project;
  • server and build environment.

Development features:

  • server;
  • basic routes;
  • pug as template engine, markdown also supported;
  • posthtml for validating html;
  • jspm as third party js package manager, also gives ability to use es6;
  • postcss as css pre/post-processor;
  • browser-sync for browser reloading;
  • my-ip-ui for quick access to project on other devices;
  • linters for js and css, there is also pre-commit hook for linting.

Build features:

  • automated gulp tasks, no need to configure. gulp tasks help to make project production ready;
  • lint tasks
  • every project’s page has it’s own html, js and css files.

StaticGen is hosted and maintained by Netlify, the perfect way to deploy your Jamstack sites and apps.

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