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A List of Static Site Generators for JAMstack Sites

Almace Scaffolding

https://sparanoid.com/lab/amsf/ https://github.com/sparanoid/almace-scaffolding (219)
Languages:Ruby, JavaScript

AMSF, a.k.a. Almace Scaffolding, is a super-fast Jekyll framework, supports Service Worker, live reloading (Browsersync), Less, HTML minification, inlined stylesheets and more.


  • Theme switching, you can switch themes with just one command
  • A basic, fully configured Jekyll setup with well-defined Atom feed and sitemap
  • Almace Scaffolding ships a sleek responsive theme Curtana, a variant of sparanoid.com, looking great on any modern browsers
  • Every minified page generates only one HTTP request
  • Tons of configurable settings for your posts and site customization
  • Service Worker support for lightning fast experience
  • Built with Grunt.js for easy development
  • Travis support