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A List of Static Site Generators for Jamstack Sites

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Blo savuir/blo (9)

Blo (blog + bro) - yet another static site generator for personal blogs. The aim is to make a really easy tool for creating new notes and customizing your site. Do less actions and have much opportunity to make a unique site.


  • Comfortable cli control.
  • Easy config edit in JSON files.
  • Drafts templates: default content for new notes, useful for planning new posts.
  • Page templates: easy HTML/Jinja2 customize and improve.
  • SEO friendly (as I could make it).
  • Microformats for better snippets in Google/Bing/etc.
  • Markdown with use of meta-tags to customize pages more with different data.
  • Code highlight with Pygments.
  • RSS feed generation

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