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A List of Static Site Generators for Jamstack Sites

AboutContributeAbout JamstackNeed a Static CMS? thalios1973/ (10)
License:MIT is a relatively simple static blog generation tool written in bash. It supports markdown (via pandoc, but other converters could be used) and a very basic templating system. It is designed for simplicity and easy of hacking.


  • Create new
  • Save to draft
  • Edit existing or draft
  • Complete rebuild of site (good for updating template)
  • Basic templating
  • RSS 2.0

Planned (aka things I haven't found time for)

  • Default .config file
  • Default basic template (one doesn't exist)
  • Static page support
  • Document classes and ids available for CSS
  • Delete post was heavily inspired by Carlos Fenollosa's bashblog.

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