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A List of Static Site Generators for Jamstack Sites

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Bowman waldronmatt/bowman (9)

Bowman is a simple static site generator powered by Node.js, Webpack, and Browsersync. Bowman comes with pre-configured scripts to bundle assets, generate markup, and hot-reload pages. Pages are generated using the J.E.N. technology core (JSON - data, EJS - templating, Node.js - markup generation).


  • Recursively generates page markup
  • Recursively finds and outputs entry points
  • Hot reloading of pages and assets
  • Asset bundling, cache prevention, and code splitting support

Getting Started

Install globally:

    npm i -g @waldronmatt/bowman

Create project:

   create-bowman-starter -y

Install dependencies:

    npm install

Run dev environment:

    npm run dev

Build and serve for production:

    npm run build

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