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A List of Static Site Generators for Jamstack Sites

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Drupan is a static site generator which initially focused on blogs and is now evolving into a universal tool working for blogs, single page applications and conventional websites alike.

The goal is to give developers and designers one tool they can rely on, that gets the job done and does not require hours of customization and plugins to generate a site.

Notable Features

  • Jinja2 with custom filters to allow easily accessing, iterating and filtering all your different entities.
  • Sane plugin architecture allowing you to easily add missing functionality.
  • No enforced structure of meta data and content.
  • Active developed.

Upcoming Features

There is a 2.0 release in alpha testing which will bring the following features

  • S3 and CloudFront support
  • Better Jinja2 filters
  • Faster site generation

StaticGen is hosted and maintained by Netlify, the perfect way to deploy your Jamstack sites and apps.

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