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A List of Static Site Generators for Jamstack Sites

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Easystatic easystatic/easystatic (48)

Easystatic uses Markdown It for web pages, EJS and PostCSS + Autoprefixer for layout, Browsersync for cross-device testing...

Why use Easystatic?

  1. It advocates convention over configuration
  2. It's JavaScript-based, no need to have Ruby/Go/PHP installed
  3. It's build around modern mainstream front-end tools such as PostCSS, Babel, Browsersync
  4. It contains a build-in development server with "live reload"
  5. It can scaffold the basic site layout for you based on Material Design Lite (MDL)

How to Use

$ npm install -g easystatic
$ es start <path>

...where <path> is the folder with *.md files, or an empty folder. For example:

$ es start

This command launches your site in a browser and starts watching for modifications in source files (<path>/*.md, <path>/assets/*.*).

How to Deploy

Here is an example of how you can deploy your site to GitHub Pages:

$ es deploy --repo=username/

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