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A List of Static Site Generators for Jamstack Sites

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Gulp Site ducksoupdev/gulp-site-generator (182)

This is a simple static site generator which is perfect for a personal, blog or documentation site.

It is similar to other static site generators in that it takes your Markdown content, renders it, optimises it and creates a production-ready site that can be served by Nginx, Apache or another web server.


  • Convert Markdown files to static HTML
  • Handlebars templates and partials
  • Sass compiling and minification
  • Css reducing (Uncss)
  • Javascript concatenating and minification
  • Asset copying
  • Image compression
  • HTML compression
  • RSS feed creation
  • Server for viewing built site
  • Clobber for cleaning build directory
  • Save content as draft
  • Convert draft templates
  • Creates a build/ directory with built content and assets

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