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A List of Static Site Generators for JAMstack Sites


https://hexo.io/ hexojs (2201) https://github.com/hexojs/hexo (27387)
Templates:EJS, Pug, Haml, Swig, Nunjucks, Mustache, Handlebars, Twig, Marko

A fast, simple & powerful blog framework, powered by Node.js and NPM.

We want to solve issues fast! Please contribute by answering questions or providing peer review on PRs! Thank you 🤗

Blazing Fast

Hexo is powered by Node.js and supports multi-thread generating. Hundreds of files take only seconds to generate.

Easy Writing

Hexo supports GitHub Flavored Markdown and all Octopress plugins and highly Jekyll/Octopress compatible.


Hexo supports most of the popular template languages and CSS preprocessors. You can install plugins for Haml, Pug, Less, Stylus, Sass, AsciiDoc, or anything. The community is writing new plugins every day.