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HubPress is a static site generator written in JavaScript, powered by Vue.js, Asciidoctor and GitHub

It’s free

All you need is a free GitHub account, no server’s rent, no subscription.

Easy setup

Fork the repository, update the config file and it’s done, your Blog is ready. You can also use Netlify to deploy an HubPress instance in one click.

Start conversations

We integrated Disqus, all you need to start conversations with your readers is a Disqus shortname.

Get analytics

Learn more about your readers with Google Analytics, you just have to set your tracking id in the HubPress’ configuration.


Demo - Take a closer look in more detail (YouTube)

Demo - Take a closer look in more detail

How To Create A Free Blog With HubPress And Netlify (YouTube)

Here is a tutorial to start with Netlifly

How To Create A Free Blog With HubPress And Netlify!

Get started with 1 click

Introducing the "Deploy to Netlify" button on select generators to help you deploy new sites from generator-specific templates with a single click. Get a site up in minutes, with custom domain, HTTPS and continuous delivery completely free of charge.

Want your own Deploy to Netlify button? Learn more here

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