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A List of Static Site Generators for JAMstack Sites


https://github.com/sunainapai/makesite https://github.com/sunainapai/makesite (715)

makesite.py is a simple, lightweight, and magic-free static website/blog generator written in Python for Python coders.

With makesite.py, you are in full control. There is no hidden magic! There is no need to read any documentation to understand how it works. There is no need to learn how to write configuration files to produce some desired effect.

With makesite.py:

  • The code is the documentation.
  • The code is the configuration.

Everything is laid out as plain and simple Python code for you to read and enhance. It is less than 120 lines of code (excluding comments, docstrings, and blank lines). It gets you off the ground pretty quickly. You only need to execute makesite.py.

You can develop a decent website/blog within a few minutes and then you can begin tinkering with the source code, the layout, and the stylesheet to customize the look and feel of your website to your satisfaction.