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A List of Static Site Generators for Jamstack Sites

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MarkBind MarkBind/markbind (50)

MarkBind is a website generator that can generate a website from markdown documents. While there are other markdown-to-html website generators around, MarkBind can generate more dynamic websites, as opposed to one-size-fits-all static content. MarkBind is particularly suitable to create content-heavy websites e.g., eLearning websites, online instruction manuals, project documentation etc. that aim for self-directed consumption.


  • Support for Markdown and GitHub-Flavored Markdown
  • Ability to add additional layers of information as tooltips, pop-overs, modals
  • Ability to emphasize or de-emphasize content easily
  • Ability to allow readers reveal content progressively
  • Ability to reuse content easily


Examples of websites built using MarkBind:

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