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A List of Static Site Generators for Jamstack Sites

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Rosid electerious/Rosid (133)
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Just-in-time development server and static site exporter written in Node.js. Rosid invokes functions before serving files to the browser. This allows you to pre-process anything on-the-fly, without saving it.

What is Rosid?

Rosid is a framework that focus on two features:

  1. A development server with live-reloading, which transforms files as soon as you request them.
  2. A static site generator, which transforms files using defined transform-functions.

Why Rosid?

  • It doesn't force you to use a defined directory structure
  • It's build on popular modules like Browsersync
  • It integrates nicely with tools you are are already using to transform your files (e.g. Gulp, Grunt or Vanilla JS)
  • It's lightweight and only includes what it really needs
  • Transformed files don't need to be saved along their source files
  • It lets you compile code to static files to host them anywhere

How does it work?

Rosid starts a server and compares requested URLs with user-defined patterns. A associated file handler will be executed when a pattern matches. The handler receives information about the request and can transform the file, which will be send to the browser.

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