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A List of Static Site Generators for Jamstack Sites

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Routify roxiness/routify (764)

Routify offers a great developer experience to build the routes for your Svelte app.

Hit the ground running

No need to configure a single route. Routes are generated from file structure.

Scoped everything

Layouts, helpers, props, fallbacks, you name it. It's all scoped and context-aware.

Page transitions

Route-level page transitions for that native app feel.

Single source of truth

If /recipes/cupcakes doesn't exist in your browser, it doesn't exist in your project. That's easy debugging.


Sometimes you don't want everything to be scoped. Maybe you don't want /restaurants/burger-queen to inherit any layout.

And more...

SSR, meta tags, code-splitting, real-time route generation... and more!.

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