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A List of Static Site Generators for JAMstack Sites

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Sergey trys/sergey (99)

Sergey is a tiny lil’ static site generator. It’s a progressive tool designed to sit atop your already brilliant HTML. In essence, Sergey is HTML + partials with slots (named and default) & opt-in Markdown thrown in for good measure.

If you’ve ever had to make a change to every header on a totally static website, you’ll know how cumbersome and error-prone it is to copy and paste the changes through all the files. That’s where Sergey comes in. Sergey lets you move that header into a single, importable file, and helps you include it everywhere you need it.


  • Partials
  • Named slots
  • Default slots
  • Fallback slot content
  • Markdown (optional)
  • Static files
  • Dev server

StaticGen is hosted and maintained by Netlify, the perfect way to deploy your JAMstack sites and apps.

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