A List of Static Site Generators for JAMstack Sites

Serif (118)

Serif is a static site generator and blogging system powered by markdown files and an optional admin interface complete with drag-and-drop image uploading. (Check out the simple video demo.)

Serif releases you from managing a file system so you can focus on writing content.

Having problems with Serif? Open an issue on GitHub, use the Serif Google Group, or join the Freenode#serif IRC channel at irc://


Serif is a lot like Jekyll with a few extra moving parts. Its main aim is to provide two things:

  1. Simplicity: the source and generated content are just files that can be served by any web server.
  2. Ease of publishing, wherever you are.

Serif is sort of a blend between Jekyll, Second Crack and ideas from Svbtle. There should be flexibility with writing content, such as using the web interface, rsyncing from a remote machine, or editing a draft file on the remote server and having everything happen for you.