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A List of Static Site Generators for Jamstack Sites

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Tclssg tclssg/tclssg (54)

Tclssg is a static site generator written in Tcl that uses Markdown for content markup, Bootstrap for layout (with Bootstrap theme support) and Tcl code embedded in HTML for templating.


  • Markdown, Bootstrap themes, Tcl templates;
  • Distinguishes between plain old pages and blog posts;
  • RSS feeds;
  • SEO and usability features: sitemaps, canonical and previous/next links, noindex where appropriate.
  • Valid HTML5 and CSS level 3 output;
  • Deployment over FTP;
  • Deployment over SCP and other protocols with a custom deployment command;
  • Support for external comment engines;
  • Relative links in the HTML output that make it suitable for viewing over file://;
  • Reasonably fast (can process 500 input pages into 650 HTML files in about 35 seconds on a laptop with an SSD);
  • Few dependencies.
  • Can be used as a library from Tcl.

Page example

title {Test page}
blogPost 1
tags {test {a long tag with spaces}}
date 2014-01-02
hideDate 1
**Lorem ipsum** reprehenderit _ullamco deserunt sit eiusmod_ ut minim in id
voluptate proident enim eu aliqua sit.

<!-- more -->

Mollit ex cillum pariatur anim [exemplum]( tempor
exercitation sed eu Excepteur dolore deserunt cupidatat aliquip irure in
fugiat eu laborum est.

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