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A List of Static Site Generators for JAMstack Sites


http://krasimir.github.io/techy/ https://github.com/krasimir/techy (241)

I love Markdown and I can turn it to a beautifully looking HTML layouts. I'm built and distributed as a Node.js module. Gulp.js is the base that I'm staying on. If you do not want to use a database to store your content, I can help you. Write everything in Markdown format, and I'll convert it to HTML.


In the content driven website (like a blog for example), the writing should be easy and fluent. Markdown language gives us the simplicity that we need. However, sometimes converting .md files to .html files is not enough. Techy is an instrument that uses Markdown as a base, but also makes your pages programmable.

Techy is not only generating HTML markup. It puts your writings into a nicely formatted layout.