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A List of Static Site Generators for Jamstack Sites

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UmiJS umijs/umi (8606)


  • 📦 Out of box, with built-in support for react, react-router, jest, webpack, rollup, etc.
  • 🏈 Next.js like and full featured routing conventions, which also supports configured routing
  • 🎉 Plugin system, covering every lifecycle from source code to production
  • 🚀 High performance, including PWA support, route-level code splitting, etc.
  • 💈 Support for static export, Suitable for environments without server
  • 🚄 Fast dev startup, including dll support with config etc.
  • 🐠 Polyfill solution, add JS and CSS polyfill with targets config, lowest to IE9
  • 🍁 Support TypeScript, including d.ts definition and umi test
  • 🌴 Deep integration with dva, including duck directory support, automatic loading of model, code splitting, etc
  • ⛄️ Support MPA,based on umi-plugin-mpa


Install tool

$ yarn global add umi # OR npm install -g umi


Create a page

$ mkdir myapp && cd myapp
$ umi generate page index


Start the development server

$ umi dev

Build and deploy

$ umi build


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