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A List of Static Site Generators for Jamstack Sites

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Waffel moonwave99/waffel (34)


I built Waffel because I missed a JavaScript static generator that featured:

  • content localisation for different languages;
  • grouping of entities by properties (categories/tags);
  • pagination of collections;
  • ease of writing custom template filters/helpers.

Check the brunch-with-waffel skeleton in order to run a local example.


Waffel was born as a simple script to generate my website and a couple of other pages, and eventually my company's homepage. I thought it was worth releasing, basically because I plan to reuse it a lot in the close future, best as a companion to a content management tool I hope to release very soon.

I think that having a full web stack for a blog/portfolio/small business showcase site is really an overkill today: you need a lot of services running in order to serve content, you will be the very only one to change in a deterministic way. Now that all our pathetic comments.php efforts have been teared apart by Disqus/social commenting facilities, why should we store our thoughts in a database, instead of on good ol' text files, editable in the way we find more comfortable?

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